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I am not your competition

"Pay attention. To everything. Especially the days where you feel like you’re at the highest you’ve been. Look at who’s around you. Look at who’s celebrating with you and for you. Most of all pay attention to those who avoided you while you danced in the sunlight, but couldn’t get enough of you when you were in the darkness. There, you will find the answer to who belongs in your tribe +who is worthy of being called “friend” or “sister”. I will not have to hide information from my tribe. My tribe won’t compare me. My tribe will not enter me into silent competitions. My tribe will not try to one up or out do me. My tribe won’t intentionally try to step on my toes. My tribe WILL however push my creativity +challenge me to go further +dig deeper"


-Tiffany, Owner +Cultivator of HealHER


Feeling the need to constantly compete +watch over my shoulder were two of the main reasons why I stepped away from The RoyalTea Exchange . It will NOT be the reason why I step away from the HealHER brand. I’ve worked too hard. Invested too many years studying +cultivating. I’ve helped too many. Earned too much trust. I’ve come too far.

Don’t try to compare this to that or me to you, or anyone for that matter. My assignment is different. My calling is different. This isn’t ego speaking, this is my soul. I do not want to feel as if I have to try to keep up with the next person. I left that low vibrational thinking when I stepped away from my previous brand +it takes away from my divine assignment

I don’t want to feel like I can’t share information in what I believe are genuine exchanges +meetings of the mind due to feeling like someone is going to try to use it for some sort of hidden agenda. I share. Everything. I think that’s what’s gotten me so far, transparency. +truly there’s no elevation in the community without the exchange of information +education -

I try to help however I can whenever I can. As I grow, I am now seeing even that requires boundaries. As everyone isn’t genuine

I say all of that to say: take my name out the race because there is none. There is no rush. There is no competition.

There is only me +you. That is enough.



*Photo taken from the Instagram of @TheShelahMarie

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