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Quarantine Check-In

Hey #HealingTribe! Just wanted to first say, I hope this message finds you well, healthy, +stress free! Secondly, I wanted to say that I’ve been doing “collective energy” oracle card pulls for us as a unit, +two very distinct themes keep coming up: Dreams +The Heart! As some of you may know, we have entered the New Moon in Aries, +it’s calling for us to literally embrace all things new +unknown! This is a great time to review your life +fully shed your old skin, +outdated ways of thinking, which is pretty ironic, since I firmly believe that life, as we know it, is going to shift! Use this energy to create a “new normal” for yourself +your family, dig deep +really ask yourself, what does my heart say? Is your heart calling you to start a blog? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of taking a leap of faith +finally starting that business you’ve always wanted, sis, NOW IS YOUR TIME! Your dreams are in fact within reach but are you willing to surrender?

Fear can be paralyzing +with all of this uncertainty surrounding us, you might be thinking, now isn’t a good time, Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s a MF lie! There is no other time besides NOW +now is the time for you to get serious about what you want +go after it!

If you’ve learned nothing else from this pandemic, I hope you’ve come to realize that life isn’t going to wait for you to get “ready”, at any given moment all of this shit can go away, so why waste it being anything other than happy +living in your divine truth?

Today, I challenge you to go back to those vision boards you created just a few month ago +ask yourself, is this really want I want? If the answer is yes, then I strongly suggest you get your plan together! Start doing what you can with all of this time you’ve been awarded to get your shit in motion. If, however; you realize that your vision has changed, then I would say, spend some time today re-creating the new picture for yourself! Remove whatever no longer serves you +replace it with images of people, places +things that spark joy! Stop forcing what cannot be +embrace all that can.


Always remember you are the light, even during the darkest of times!



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