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I am so glad and grateful that you found yourself here today. 

I am Tiffany, Master Herbalist, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Oracle Card Reader. I am the feminine force behind HealHer, my wellness company that helps women to experience deep energetic, emotional and physical healing. I live and breathe this work. I love women. I love welcoming you into my life and space, to hear you, to help you to heal and to love on you. 

When we connect deeper, you’ll find that my vibe is somewhere between high priestess and homegirl. I do ratchet and reiki. I am the good friend that every grown woman should have in her life when she needs the calm, connection and comfort that she cannot find anywhere else. So here you will find realness. Transparency. A safe, sacred space for you to be emotionally held and reassured. The pieces of you that need peace, that need healing, that need clarity are all welcomed here. 

As we get to know each other, what you’ll learn about me is that our journeys are likely more alike than they are different. My road to womanhood was rough. There were cycles of emotional and physical abuse, depression, cutting and confusion. Desperate to heal myself, I began exploring holistic healing. As a woman of God, I found that God and the spirituality of our ancestors was the recipe that got me physically, spiritually and emotionally right. I’ve studied and mastered internal healing, wellness and spiritual alignment for myself and now for you. Everything that I teach and share is what moved me from broken to balance. I say all of that to say that I get you and I got you. 




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