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Smudging has been used for centuries in rituals for cleansing, purification, and to rid spaces of unwanted energies.


In the Native American culture, sweetgrass symbolizes healing, peace, and spirituality and braids of sweetgrass are sometimes left as offerings at graves and sacred sites. Sweetgrass is also a great alternative for those looking to substitute white sage, as it has a light smell with hints of vanilla.


Sourced from New Mexico, this sweetgrass braid can be used to balance energies +chakras, as well as used to help heal the mind, body +spirit. Sweetgrass is also a great +effective way to clease your favorite oracle decks, tarot cards, +crystals.

Mini Sweergrass Smudge Braid (pre-cut)

SKU: 364215376835192
  • Everyone has their own ways +rituals for cleansing. Do what feels best for you +your space.

    As a general how to guide I would advise of the following. 

    • Deep clean prior to smudging
    • Open all windows, closets, cabinets, etc. 
    • Light the cut end of the braid by holding it in the flame and gently rotating the braid.
    • Blow on the lit end.
    • Gently shake the braid around your area.
    • The braid will burn by producing smoke, there should be no flame.
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