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Relief  is our proprietary blend made specifically for targeting allergies, sinuses, and mucus.


This blend is made with Rooibos tea, which is  caffeine free and very light in taste! One of the main and speciality ingredients in this blend is marshmallow root  which contains mucilage which aids the body in relieving irritation caused by allergens. Marshmallow root also possesses gentle decongestant properties and works as a natural cough suppressant, as well as helping to reduce mucus build up,  congestion and inflammation.


Perfect for all year round use but especailly ideal for hayfever season



relief : allergy tea blend

SKU: 364215377135198
  • Rooibos

    Dried Marshmallow Root

    Dried Rose

    Dried Juniper berries

    Dried Lemon Peel

    Dried Mint

    Dried Nettle

    Dried Rosehips


    Dried Elderberry

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